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Project Study Area

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Maxwell AFB is home to the 42nd Air Base Wing and Air University, along with over 40 additional tenants. The 42nd Air Base Wing also operates Gunter Annex, a separate installation and home to the Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate. Maxwell AFB is located in south central Alabama, in northwestern Montgomery County, within the city limits of Montgomery. Gunter Annex is located in the same region, but in northeastern Montgomery County, within the city limits. Both are approximately 82 miles south of Alabama’s largest city of Birmingham, and 162 miles southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. The base has a rich history that dates back to 1910, when the Wright Brothers’ established the first US civilian flying school. Currently, Maxwell AFB is home to more than 12,500 personnel and Gunter Annex is home to more than 2,200 personnel.

Both of the installations are located in primarily suburban areas in the City of Montgomery, surrounded by a mixture of rural farmland and forests along with some residential and commercial development. Maxwell AFB is situated west of Interstate 65 and east of US Highway 31. Gun Island Chute runs along the northern border of the installation. Gunter Annex is located south of State Route 9. The Montgomery - Maxwell AFB JLUS Study Area was designed to encompass all operational areas of the installations, as well as all lands in the vicinity that may impact current or future military operations or be impacted by operations of the base; including areas associated with aircraft training missions and noise contours. The proposed Study Area for the Montgomery - Maxwell AFB JLUS is comprised of Maxwell AFB proper and all lands extending approximately 10 miles to the north, south, east, and west of the installation, which includes Gunter Annex. This is the initial area of investigation for the collection of data and information, though the final Study Area may be refined based on information collected and input obtained from the public and various stakeholders.

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